This tent is mainly bought by those who have been in the growing practice for a while. Beginners who start their journey with such a huge space ought to be sure of what they are getting themselves into. Whether you are a beginner or an avid grower who is just expanding you will benefit from reading this before purchasing the 10×10 grow tent.

How much will it cost?

A 10×10 grow tent is very expensive to buy. It is also costly to maintain it. This does not mean that you cannot get some good bargains. Just shop around and compare prices. Settle for the highest quality that you can afford but avoid being duped. Only pay for the quality once you are sure of it. As for the maintenance, you will need to use high voltage lighting, lots of filters and a lot of every other resource there will be in the tent. The good news is that the yield you will get will reflect the resources used. You will harvest much more than one in a 4×4 tent will if all the resources are provided as needed.

Who should buy?

As stated earlier, a good number of the people who buy 10×10 grow tents are experienced growers. They know the challenges that are faced in the practice and the advantages it has better than beginners. This is not to mean that a grower just starting out cannot buy this tent. They actually can start big. It will save them from making two investments in the long run. This tent is ideal for growing vegetables, cannabis and other plants for home use and commercial selling. If you would like to grow for selling rather than just home use then this is the right grow tent to buy.

The lighting to use and the yield to expect

This is a very large grow tent and therefore there will be lots of plants in there. These need a lot of warmth for each plant to receive what is necessary. This means that you will need a lot of lighting so as to cater for all plants. The choice between hps and LED will depend on your financial prowess. For best yields opt for six 1000W bulbs to provide you with a total of 6000 W. With this you can expect to get maximum yield from the plants you will have grown in the tent. How much can you grow in the tent? This will depend on how large the mature plants become. Generally, it is better to have a few plants that are easy to manage and can get adequate nutrients and warmth. A 10×10 grow tent package that has fewer plants gives more yield than one cramped up with many plants.

Be sure to buy a tent that is high in quality, easy to set up and ideal for the type of farming you would like to have be it hydroponics or soil pots. You will be able to grow your favorite plants all year round and benefit in high yields that can serve your personal needs as well as sell the extra for financial advancement.