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Want to cultivate more plants in the grow tent? Gorilla 10×10 grow is the perfect solution. This is an enormous grow tent that allows you to cultivate a sizeable number of plants. In fact, the 10×10 gorilla grow tent will help you get maximum yields out of your indoor garden. This tent is ideal for beginner and advanced growers.

The new and innovative gorilla 10×10 grow tent provides you the perfect conditions for growing most plants in the indoor space. This tent has top-notch height adjusting feature that helps you increase the height to provide more vertical space. Therefore, you can increase the height from 7 feet up to 10 feet. Therefore, your plants will have more space to grow. For instance, the gorilla 10×10 grow tent allow the plants to grow up to 50 percent larger as compared to other rival tents on the market.

Also, the gorilla 10×10 grow tent is made of high-quality material that lasts longer than those used in competitors’ tent. In fact, this tent is up to 9 times denser than other tents on the market. In this case, gorilla 10×10 grow tent is one the strongest tent ever made. This tent has a sturdy structure that enables it to support massive weight- up to 300 pounds. Also, tent includes some of the top-notch features such infrared block capability, large EZ viewing windows and flood pool.

Gorilla 10×10 grow tent features

This tent has gained popularity due to its award-winning features. Here are some of the features that make gorilla 10×10 grow tent the most sought-after grow tent on the market.

#1. Simple set up

This tent comes with simple installation instructions. Therefore, “gorilla 10×10 grow tent is much easier to install” as compared to most rival tents on the market. Regardless of the experience, anybody can set up this tent without much hassle.

#2. Height adjusting kit 

This tent comes with the top-notch feature that allows it to increase its height up to 10 feet. Therefore, gorilla grow tent will eliminate the need for harvesting your crops before maturity. In this case, your plants will enough growing space as compared to other tents. Also, gorilla 10×10 grow tent will provide you with crouch-free space for easy maneuvering in the tent.

#3. Strongest 

Gorilla 10×10 grow tent is made from 100 percent metal interlocking frames. This makes it one the sturdiest tent of all the rival tents on the market. This tent consists of solid metal frames that are up to 5 times stronger than those of its competitors. You will not expect this tent to crumble when subjected to immense weight.

#4. Ultimate safety 

This tent provides the safest environment for the perfect growth of your plants. Gorilla 10×10 grow tent comes with a flood pool that protects your plant if the hydro system malfunctions. Also, this tent features an advanced infrared blocking technology that filters out harmful rays.

#5. Heavy duty 

This tent is made of heavy duty fabric. The 1680D fabric provides high density to this tent. Moreover, this tent is expected to last longer than other tents on the market.


The Gorilla 10×10 grow tent is an ultimate tent that is worth your investment. This is the tallest, safest, thickest and strongest tent on the market.